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Welcome to
Seneca Author Services

Entrust your book to a company that shares your passion for writing, and is committed

to making it look its very best, both inside and out.

Seneca Author Services is dedicated to providing professional-level design and proofreading services with rates aimed at budget-conscious independent authors and publishers.

We also offer manuscript upload assistance to KDP and graphic design services.

Contact Seneca Author Services today to begin your self-publishing journey!

Cover Design

Custom covers for paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.


A final check of your manuscript, looking for typos, misspellings, etc.


Complete interior book design and typesetting for ebook and print.


Uploading assistance via screenshare to Amazon's KDP platform.

Proud Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is a global, non-profit association for self-published authors, promoting ethics and excellence in self-publishing. In addition to advocacy, advice, guidebooks, and more, ALLi monitors the industry, providing ratings of the best and worst providers, and those in between, in an extensive directory, available here.

Self-published authors are encouraged to join ALLi to take advantage of their many resources.


This is my first book, and I'm not sure of the process. Can you give me an overview?

Sure thing! I'll provide some links at the end for more specific information on how to self-publish your book, but basically, as the author and publisher, you're responsible for all aspects of the book. Once you've written the first draft, let it sit for a couple weeks and read back through it with fresh eyes, editing and rewriting anything that stands out. After that, many people employ beta readers (usually found on writers groups on social media, often for free), or they hire a developmental editor. After incorporating changes by the developmental editor, many authors will hire a copy/line editor, and finally, a proofreader. Once the manuscript is finished, send it off to a formatter and a cover designer. Ultimately, the cover designer will need to know the precise page count before they can finalize the paperback cover, since the page count affects the spine width. Once the cover (for ebook and paperback) are finished, and the book is formatted, it's ready to be uploaded to the various publishing platforms, Amazon's KDP being the most popular. More specific, in-depth information about the process can be found at, as well as David Gaughran's website, A recent book published by Lisa May Bennett, Yes, You Can Become an Author: Writing, Self-Publishing, and Marketing Your First Book, provides an excellent overview of everything you need to know to publish, and it contains lots of valuable resources.

Do you provide marketing services?

I do not provide direct marketing services, but can guide you, make general recommendations, and provide resources. Typically, you'll want to begin marketing your book as soon as possible, via social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. For your book to be successful, marketing will take as much time and energy as writing the book in the first place. Understand also that it can be very difficult to successfully market a single book. There's a saying in publishing, "If you want to sell a lot of your first book, write another." The more books you have in your catalogue, the better. If readers like your book, they're more apt to seek out others you've written.

Some excellent resources for marketing include Ricardo Fayet's book, How to Market a Book: Overperform in a Crowded Market. (Fayet is a co-founder of Reedsy, which is a superb resource for finding freelance editors, illustrators, designers, etc., plus writing advice, literary agents, and even a free word processor/formatting tool called BookEditor.) The book offers an excellent overview of how to use social media, newsletters, and paid ads to promote your book. And the book is free on Amazon as an ebook.

David Gaughran's site, mentioned above, also offers plenty of marketing resources, as does Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn website. Dave Chesson's website, Kindlepreneur, is a terrific site filled with lots of helpful marketing tools and guidance.

It's not free, or inexpensive, but I recommend Mark Dawson's video courses, available on his website, Self Publishing Formula. He offers extensive training in self publishing and book marketing, diving deep into Facebook ads, Amazon ads, etc.

I can also recommend a few groups on Facebook: Self Publishing Support Group has plenty of fellow authors ready to help with questions about publishing or marketing. The aforementioned Mark Dawson runs a group called Learn Self Publishing – Community which is all about how to market and promote your book. It's a great resource, even if you haven't taken his courses. The group 20BooksTo50K® is one of the best I've seen on book marketing. Six- and seven-figure authors routinely share what's working for them, and what isn't, in great detail, from newsletters to TikTok, and selling directly through your website. As with any Facebook group, learn the rules of the group and follow them (most have restrictions on self-promotion, which makes sense because in most cases, other authors aren't your primary reader.)

How do you invoice/accept payment?

I invoice through PayPal, after the work is complete, all files have been delivered, and you're 100% happy (some restrictions may apply). The invoice can be paid through your own PayPal account, if you have one, or through a credit/debit card. Since the invoicing is through PayPal, I don't keep any credit card, or personally identifiable information, on file.

Do I need to sign a contract?

I don't require a deposit or down payment in advance, only invoicing when the project is complete, so I assume all the risk. I'm happy to do that because I've seen firsthand how new authors have been victimized by scam artists and fly-by-night operators, and want to reassure clients that they're in good hands. As such, I don't require a contract, but will happily sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if needed.

Are you a vanity or hybrid publisher?

Not at all. As a self-publisher, you are the publisher. You maintain all rights to your work. I am merely a service provider, offering a service such as formatting, in exchange for payment. You own the copyright to your book and all royalties go to you.

Do you require credit in the Acknowledgments or elsewhere in the book?

If you're happy with my work and are so inclined, I would be honored to be mentioned, but it is not required at all. For cover designs, if stock images have been used, it's customary to credit the artist, either on the back cover or the copyright page.

What do you need to get started?

Simply email me at with a brief explanation of the services you're looking for, what kind of book you're writing (fiction, non-fiction, etc.), and your time frame. I typically get back to inquiries within 24 hours, we'll start a dialogue, and go from there! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Robert Harrison, sitting at desk.

Seneca Author Services was founded by Robert Harrison in 2014, the year he published his first novel. Robert recognized that information about self-publishing was lacking, and honest, reliable service providers were sometimes hard to find.

He learned all he could about publishing, cover design, and formatting to put his own book out, and soon began offering his services to other writers.

Over the years, he's helped dozens of authors publish their books, in addition to his own work. Contact Seneca Author Services today!

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